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Völkl RACETIGER SL (24) + Binding RMOTION 3 New

The SL is the perfect ski for frothy slalom turns, gritty couplings, split-second turn changes and powerful momentum at the end of turns. Seeking skiers, male or female, experienced, dynamic, technical, and with plenty of horsepower to tame and adrenaline to swallow. Edge-to-edge is karma for the 2024 version, with never a moment’s respite, except for the one at the chairlift to regain the slope or at the bar for a good coffee and sandwich on the fly.



Introduced in 1970 as the Racetiger, no other Völkl ski is as synonymous with high performance and success as the Racetiger. The Racetiger SL shows its strengths on the slalom course or generally on the slope, in tight radii and wherever lightning-fast edge changes, reaction speed and consistently fantastic gliding properties are required. The Racetiger SL features custom-made carbon tips. Tailored carbon fibers allow the ski to be optimally adapted to its range of use. The thickness and alignment of the fibers define the necessary power delivery and energy storage in exactly the right places. In this way, they allow for agile blade extraction and precise response right at the beginning of the turn. The SL can be steered through the tightest of radii in a power-saving but still ultra-precise and controlled manner. The slightly shortened and flattened tip rocker and especially the slightly modified geometry have contributed greatly to the improved performance. The narrower center width allows for a much more dynamic and responsive skiing style, with precisely metered edge changes.

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