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Völkl Racetiger GS (24) + Binding R MOTION 3 12 RED New

The Racetiger GS Master knows no compromises and is the first choice for anyone looking for a ski that is as sporty and dynamic as possible.



Introduced in 1970 as the Racetiger, no other Völkl ski is as synonymous with high performance and success as the Racetiger. For friends of superfast, long turns with heavy edge pressure, there is virtually no other alternative. Tailor-made carbon tips are integrated into the Racetiger GS. Tailored carbon fibers allow the ski to fit optimally in its area of use. The thickness and alignment of the fibers define the necessary power delivery and energy storage in exactly the right places. In this way, they allow for agile blade extraction and precise response right at the start of the turn. The GS can be steered with extreme precision and controlled with reduced power input. The subtly shortened and flattened tip rocker and, most importantly, the modified geometry with a reduced radius of 2 m play a special role in the handling characteristics of the ski. The reduced center width allows for a more dynamic skiing style with faster edge changes and, for the first time.

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