Traam Traam

Traam Ski Goggle S3 Gold Lens + Photocromatic Lens

Differentiate yourself with our premium ski goggles with magnetic interchangeable lenses made with recycled materials.

Each goggle is sold with two lenses. One S3 to choose from the different 4 colors + the photochromic lens.

Box contents:

– Ski goggle, Traam, with S3 gold lens for sunny days
– Photochromic lens for variable weather
– Small sack to easily carry the ski goggle or spare lens or to clean the mask


In stock

Introducing the Traam Branded Ski Goggle! This high-performance ski goggle is designed to keep you protected and comfortable on the slopes. The mask comes with two lenses – an S3 lens for bright light conditions and a photochromic lens that adjusts to changing light conditions. The S3 lens is available in 4 different colors, so you can choose the one that best suits your style.

The inner structure of the goggle is made from recycled materials from discarded fishing nets, making it a sustainable choice for the environmentally conscious. The lenses, made by the world-renowned company Zeiss, can be easily replaced via a magnetic system, making it quick and easy to switch lenses when needed.

Don’t let harsh weather conditions ruin your ski experience! Get the Traam Branded Ski goggle today and enjoy the best of both worlds – top-of-the-line performance and sustainability. The mask and two lenses are included in the price, so you’ll be ready to hit the slopes right out of the box!