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Atomic Redster (24) X7 REVOSHOCK C + Binding M 12 GW Used

The Atomic Redster X7 Revoshock C combines a versatile multi-radial sidecut with Revoshock C technology for perfect on-piste skiing in any season.



The Atomic Redster X7 Revoshock C is a ski that knows its stuff. Like all skis in the Redster X range, it features Atomic’s multi-radial sidecut, so every turn is stable and precise: long or short, you won’t miss one. Proven Revoshock World Cup technology absorbs shock and vibration while keeping the skiing stable and predictable. The Redster X7 Revoshock C is a versatile piste ski made with TI Powered laminate and Power Woodcore for torsional stiffness and stability. The Dura Cap Sidewall design offers superior edge grip and all-weather durability. It’s the perfect ski to choose when you want to have fun on groomers.

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